Contact List

Staff Member Course Email
Ailleres, Laurent Geochronology and Thermochronology(GTC)
Ailleres, Laurent Introduction to Structural Geology(SIS)
Ailleres, Laurent Geology from Geophysics(GFG)
Ailleres, Laurent Advanced Structural Mapping(ASM)
Armit, Robin Python for Earth Sciences(PYE)
Armit, Robin Geochronology and Thermochronology(GTC)
Armit, Robin Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Armit, Robin Introduction to Structural Geology(SIS)
Armit, Robin Geology from Geophysics(GFG)
Armit, Robin Advanced Structural Mapping(ASM)
Black, Jay Advanced Hydrogeology(HYA)
Black, Jay Field Geology of New Zealand(NZG)
Blundell, Casey Introduction to Structural Geology(SIS)
Blundell, Casey Advanced Structural Mapping(ASM)
Carman, George Fundamentals of Geological Storage of CO2(FOGs CO2)
Carman, George Mesoscale Atmospheric Dynamics(MAD)
Cartwright, Ian Practical Igneous Petrology(PIP)
Cracknell, Matthew Environmental Geology Field Techniques(EGF)
Danyushevsky, Leonid Introduction to Python Programming(INP)
Danyushevsky, Leonid Practical Igneous Petrology(PIP)
Dommenget, Dietmar General Circulation of the Atmosphere(GCA)
Dommenget, Dietmar Statistics in Climate Dynamics(SCD)
Farrugia, Matthew Python for Earth Sciences(PYE)
Farrugia, Matthew Introduction to Python Programming(INP)
Green, Helen Introduction to Mineralogy(IMN)
Green, Helen Ore Reserve Estimation(ORE)
Grose, Lachlan Python for Earth Sciences(PYE)
Grose, Lachlan Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Haese, Ralf Fundamentals of Geological Storage of CO2(FOGs CO2)
Haese, Ralf Field Geology of New Zealand(NZG)
Haese, Ralf Advanced Hydrogeology(HYA)
Haese, Ralf Mesoscale Atmospheric Dynamics(MAD)
Hill, Kevin Introduction to Structural Geology(SIS)
Hill, Kevin Sedimentary Basins and Resource Analysis(SBR)
Keays, Reid Exploration Field Skills mapping camp(EFS)
Keays, Reid Igneous Geodynamics and Ore Deposits(IGD)
Kohn, Barry Advanced Structural Mapping(ASM)
Kohn, Barry Geochronology and Thermochronology(GTC)
Meffre, Sebastien Environmental Geology Field Techniques(EGF)
Moresi, Louis Python for Earth Sciences(PYE)
Moresi, Louis Introduction to Python Programming(INP)
Moresi, Louis Interpretation of Satellite Images(ISI)
Moresi, Louis Geodynamics(GEO)
Moresi, Louis Introduction to Mineralogy(IMN)
Parbhakar-Fox, Anita Introduction to Python Programming(INP)
Phillips, Neil Statistics in Climate Dynamics(SCD)
Phillips, Neil Geology of Gold(AUG)
Ramsay, Hamish Convective Clouds and Storms(CCS)
Rosengren, Neville Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Rosengren, Neville Coastal Environmental Geomorphology(CEF (Repeat))
Rosengren, Neville Coastal Environmental Geomorphology(CEF)
Schofield, Robyn Air Quality Monitoring (AQM)
Scott, Robert Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Scott, Robert Exploration Field Skills mapping camp(EFS)
Selley, David Exploration Field Skills mapping camp(EFS)
Selley, David Ore Deposit Models(ODM)
Simmonds, Ian Climate Analysis and Modelling(CAM)
Singh, Martin General Circulation of the Atmosphere(GCA)
Tompkins, Andrew Field Geology of New Zealand(NZG)
Tuck, Michael Advanced Hydrogeology(HYA)
Tuck, Michael Mine Safety and Engineering(MSE)
Tuck, Michael Introduction to Mineralogy(IMN)
Tuck, Michael Ore Reserve Estimation(ORE)
Turpin, Andrew Introduction to Python Programming(INP)
Turpin, Andrew Python for Earth Sciences(PYE)
Webb, John Geology from Geophysics(GFG)
Webb, John Interpretation of Satellite Images(ISI)