Venue: University of Melbourne (Parkville campus)

HYA Advanced Hydrogeology

This subject will cover advanced concepts in groundwater physics, chemistry and biology, and is intended to present a selection of topics at the forefront of academic/government research and commercial/industrial applications in groundwater science. Hydrogeology is an inherently quantitative and cross-disciplinary subject that requires self-motivation and active engagement with the material.

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of hydrogeology and some background in geoscience or environmental science. 

Recommended knowledge: Algebra, basic calculus.  For a review of Hydrogeology, visit the online U.S. Geological Survey Water Science School (URL below).  (This is actually good pre-class review material!)

Lectures:  Lectures will present fundamental concepts and theory behind the scheduled topics.  Practical exercises will be assigned that will require you to think and work your way through the questions.  You may work in groups, but are responsible for your own learning for the final exam.

Daily schedule:

Tu:   Advanced groundwater flow and introduction to mass transport; “icebreaker” lunch provided

W:    Vadose zone/soil hydrology, hydro-mechanical coupling and hydro-fracturing

Th:   Groundwater solute chemistry, acidity, salinity, redox, adsorption, inorganic and organic contaminants, remediation strategies

F:     Groundwater/subsurface microbiology, pathogen transport and human health impacts, bioremediation strategies

Sat: “Take home” comprehensive exam


Students enrolled at VIEPS member institutions $100 (lab fee) (NOT APPLICABLE IN 2017); industry participants $1500. To make the payment for this course, please click here.

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