Location: Field


Neville Rosengren, La Trobe University

Minimum = 7, Max = 10

This field course of five days is an introduction to coastal landforms and processes. It is intended for students who have not taken a course in coastal geomorphology in Victoria. Travel is by 10 passenger bus. 

This course will run from Monday 20th March to Friday 24th March 2017. Enrolments are capped at 10 students. The course will be repeated from Monday May 8th to Friday May 12th provided there are at least 7 bookings for the 2nd course. See Enrollment details for the Repeat Course

There is no classroom introduction - the course assembles at 0900 Monday at Beacon Cove Light Rail Terminal at Station Pier, Port Melbourne (last stop on Route 109) and concludes in the field at Clifton Springs (Bellarine Peninsula) the following Friday afternoon. Field sites include beaches, cliffs, estuaries and tidal flats on parts of Port Phillip and Western Port, south Gippsland, Bellarine Peninsula and Otway coast.

Field activity involves traversing selected sectors of coast to record:

  • nature and origin of the coastal materials
  • geomorphic processes
  • environmental history
  • coastal hazard/risk assessment, steep coast dynamics, beach maintenance and nourishment, impact of marinas and other engineering structures, indications and implications of sea-level rise for coastal change
  • conservation of significant and sensitive geoscience sites.


Assessment details can be found at: https://handbook.unimelb.edu.au/subjects/geol90030

Submissions date: One week after completion of course.


Shared cabins: Mon-Tues (Tooradin) and Wed-Thurs (Torquay). Expect to pay about $145 for accommodation for the week plus meals you provide - cabins have cooking facilities. You need field gear including sleeping bag/sheet, towel and pillow. If you want to reduce accommodation cost it may be possible to camp for (for a fee to be determined).


Travel is by the bus provided by VIEPS. If you cancel enrolment, please notify ASAP. If cancellation frees a place, later enrollments will be allocated that place in order of enrollment. Once all places in Week 1 are taken you may enroll for Week 2. WATCH E-MAILS FOR POSSIBLE VARIATIONS OF THESE OPTIONS.. Please travel to Beacon Cove Light Rail Terminal (last stop on Route 109) at Station Cove Port Melbourne by 0900 Monday of 1st day of course (date to be notified). This venue is easily accessible by public transport. Our return route on Friday is via Footscray Rail station or other rail/tram stops around the city and Melbourne and La Trobe Unis.


No charge for travel on the bus. 50% deposit on accommodation is required by 4 weeks ahead of the course to guarantee a place. Refund of this can only be made in exceptional circumstance. Details of payment will be provided at a later time.