Location: University of Melbourne

Venue: Please see the handbook entry (timetable) for lecture and workshop locations

This subject introduces the fundamental concepts of computing programming and how to solve simple problems using the high-level procedural languate Python, with a specific emphasis on data manipulation, transformation and the visualisation of scientific data.

Fundamental programming constructs; fundamental data structures; abstraction; basic program structures; algorithmic problem solving, solving differential equations; use of modules.

The subject assumes no prior knowledge of computer programming.

This course will run from Monday 13th February to the 26th of February and will be held at The University of Melbourne, School of Earth Sciences, McCoy building in the 3rd floor computing lab.

The course material and computational resources will be available online. You will be given the required passwords and links when you arrive. You are welcome to bring your own laptop but you will need to arrange your own access to the University of Melbourne wireless network (or eduroam). 

Further course and assessment information can be found at: https://handbook.unimelb.edu.au/subjects/comp90059

For information on this course, please contact Tim Miller.

For information on how this course fits with PYE and GEO, please contact Louis Moresi.