Location: Monash University/Field

Venue: TBA

This is a one week long course where students are taught to map out the structures and complex geometries within a series of multiply-deformed turbite sequence. The course teaches the concepts of key locality and provides strategies to correlate between key localities to produce consistent maps and cross-sections over outcrops at Bermagui Heads and Pt Dickinson in Bermagui in a structurally complex area within a poly-deformed terrane.

Structural geology is a vital aspect of geology because it helps our understanding of the 3D architecture of rock packages and how the rocks happened to be that way; in other words it gives insight into the deformation history.
The main aims of the course are:
(1) to develop a sound understanding of structural elements such as cleavages and fold axes, and learn how to use them to describe structures,
(2) to understand and apply a method to correlate between key localities to make a structural map,
(3) to develop and improve on reporting these observations in your notebook and ultimately make an interpreted map, and
(4) to develop 3D geological skills and understanding.

These aims will be achieved by mapping the poly-deformed headlands at Bermagui, on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales. This is quite a difficult exercise that will develop 3D understanding and visualisation in the field.

Cost of the course:  $400 for all enrolled students.  Industry participants:  please contact Dr Laurent Ailleres (laurent.ailleres@monash.edu).  This includes transport from/to Monash University Clayton campus to/from Bermagui, accommodation and meals while in Bermagui and tuition obviously.

The course will run February 13-20, 2017 inclusive.

Further course and assessment information can be found at: https://handbook.unimelb.edu.au/subjects/geol90027