This course is designed to give students a conceptual and theoretical understanding of atmospheric deep moist convection (DMC); in particular, the structure and dynamics of severe thunderstorms (e.g., supercells) and their associated mesoscale phenomena.   

Tentative list of topics, in no particular order:

  •           Review of dry and moist thermodynamics
  •       Buoyancy
  •           Boussinesq and anelastic approximations
  •           Pressure perturbations
  •           Parcel theory
  •           Thermodynamic diagrams and hodographs
  •           Local convection and “global” convection
  •           Initiation of deep moist convection
  •           Organised isolated convection
  •           Supercells and tornadoes
  •           Meoscale convective systems
  •           Hazards associated with deep moist convection
  •           Forecasting severe storms

The course will run over 10 weeks, starting March 2 

Thursdays 10-11am: Lab* ("journal club" style), Room 236

Thursdays 1-3pm: Lecture, Room 115

*note, the first Lab will be Week 2 (i.e., March 9)


Th  The rooms listed above are on the 1st and 2nd floors of the EAE/ Maths building, 9 Rainforest Walk, Monash University, Clayton Campus

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